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Apex is a leading brand of mass flow controllers, mass flow meters and pressure control instrumentation
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Mass Flow Meters or mass flow controllers

APEX Mass Flow Controllers, Meters, and Pressure Controllers

Apex Mass Flow Controllers, Mass Flow Meters, and Pressure Controllers for vacuum and non-vacuum applications combine pinpoint accuracy with flexibility. All Apex Meters and Controllers have the flexibility to measure and control over 130 on-board gases, to choose your digital and analog input / output communication preferences, and a vast process connection selection. The ability to control up to 26 Apex devices through one RS232 or USB port, provides your set-up the ultimate in flexibility.


Vacuum Evaporation
Membrane Testing
Vacuum Sputtering
Plasma Deposition
Thin Film Coating Systems
High Temperature Furnace Gas Control
E-Beam Coating Systems
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
University Research
Gas Mixing

Advantages of Apex Gas and Water Flow Devices

  • Flow up to 130 different gases with 1 Apex Flow Controller or Apex Flow Meter
  • Pinpoint Flow Accuracy
  • 200 to 1 Turn-down Ratio
  • High Accuracy with error never exceeding more than 1%
  • Control up to 26 Apex devices with one Computer or PLC
  • Ultra-Fast Millisecond Response Time
  • No Warm-up Time Needed for Start-up
  • Flow Range from 0.5 sccm to 1500 slpm Full-Scale
  • The Low Cost and  High Tech Solution


Apex Mass Flow Controllers and Mass Flow Meters are in use all over the world in both Research, Analytical, and Industrial Applications. Both OEM equipment builders and some of the worlds finest researchers have already taken advantage of the technological benefits and low prices of Apex Vacuum Mass Flow Controllers, Meters, and Pressure Controllers, now it's your turn!

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