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At Apex Vacuum, we have our own vacuum products lines that we sell under the Apex Vacuum brand name. Our aim is to provide industrial and R&D vacuum customers the ability to have one source that can advise and supply the needed vacuum equipment for upgrade or maintenance projects. One important component we offer is our engineering expertise in product selection and advise. Apex Brands brings products outside the Apex Brand and allows our customers a broader selection of product choices. Sure you could always go to the company that manufactures that product but are they providing the solution you need or the one they want to sell? Having more than one source of equipment offerings insure you get the bet product that fits your needs.

Our advantages…

  • More than one source of product may be available to best need your needs
  • Technical selection assistance
  • Single PO for multiple products
  • Customized exchange programs available.
  • Good pricing across all product lines