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Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum

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Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum


We represent Leybold for all of your pump applications.

Roughing Pumps or Backing Pumps

Leybold Vacuum has a wide range of backing or roughing pump options. 

  • Trivac Series- Roughing Mechanical Pumps to the low millitorr range. Trivacs are good choices for most any system pumping need. Size ranges from 2.5 m3/hr to 65 m3/hr. Trivacs are the robust pumping choice. equipped with an anti-suckback valve to limit oil back streaming into the system.
  • Sogevac Series- Our wide ranging single stage vacuum pumps god for roughing systems and backing high vacuum pumps that can tolerate higher fore line pressures. The Sogevac Series run from 16 m3/hr to 1200 m3/hr in pumping speed. Sogevac have an integrated oil demister inside the pump.

For users that need an oil-less or dry option 

Scrollvac- Dry scroll pumps from 5 m3/hr to 60 m3/hr

Dry Roughing Pump Options

  • Screwline- The Screwline pumps were developed for the special requirements of dry industrial vacuum pumping systems. The screws are accessible for cleaning which makes the Screwline good for many demanding applications. Screwlines come in 250 m3/hr and 630 m3/hr units.

DryVac- The DryVac Series was a dry pump developed for the process industry applications. Sizes range from 450 m3/hr to 1200 m3/hr.



Oil Sealed Roughing Pumps

Leybold Trivac Dual Stage

Trivac Dual Stage

Sogevac Single Stage


Dry Roughing Pumps

Scrollvac Dry
DryVac Dry Pumps

Scrollvac Dry

Screwline Dry Pumps

DryVac Dry Pumps


Roots Blowers

WH Series



WH Series Roots


High Vacuum Pumps

When trying to pump down beyond the millitorr range, our High Vacuum Turbo Pumps, Cryo Pumps, and Diffusion Pumps are the solution you are looking for. Our Mag Integra Turbo Pump line consists of magnetically levitated bearing turbo pumps with pumping speeds from 300 to 2100 l/s. Our Turbovac Ceramic Barrings Turbo Pump line consists of turbo pumps pumping speeds from 50 to 2400 l/s. These High Vacuum Turbo Pumps are found in all industries. We also carry Cryo Pumps and Diffusion pumps adjusted to your applications needs.

Turbovac Series- Our ceramic bearing robust turbos for value customers such as R&D and industrial applications.

Turbovac iX Series with integrated drive electronics for for flexibility in OEM and other applications.

 Turbovac Mag Digital- Good for corrosive applications and where low vibrations are important. Pumping speeds to 3200 l/s.

 Turbovac MAGINTEGRA- High pumping speeds and high gas throughput. With an integrated convertor and power supply.


Ceramic Bearing Turbopumps

Leybold TurboVac

TurboVac Series

TurboVac iX Hybrid Bearing 


Magnetically Levitated Bearing Turbopumps

TurboVac MAG Series


Vacuum Pump Systems

Fore Vacuum Pump Systems Oil Sealed

Fore Vacuum Pump Systems Dry Series

High Vacuum Pump Systems