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About APEX Life Science

APEX Life Science services the biology, biotechnology, genetics, chemical, and medical fields with the a combination of reliable equipment and cost effective solutions. The APEX Life Science team is also supported by trained customer representatives that are ready and eager to assist in your search for the optimal solution to your applications needs. 



APEX Life Science supports life science applications with equipment including pipettes, controllers, lab bench equipment, ultra low temperature freezers, storage equipment, and lab consumables. Since the industry is constantly adding products, it's impossible for us to have every new and old product on our website. Frequently we have additional versions and sizes available by request. So if you do not find exactly what you are looking for in our online selection, please give us a call or email and we will be happy to get you a quote. 


APEX prides itself on providing the highest quality equipment but at a cost effective price point. The brands present on our website have been hand selected as the best combination of price and product compared to many of the large name brand options available. But if you are set on a specific brand, please let us know by phone or email as we carry most of the name brand options as well.


APEX Life Science is backed by trained representatives with experience in the many life science industries. If you are looking for advice in your conquest to find the optimal solution for your lab or company, please give us a call and we will team you up with the representative best suited to team up with you and help you find exactly what you need.


Schoonover Inc. is the national representative for APEX Sciences. Schoonover has over 50 years of technical equipment experience and offers the best in customer support. APEX Sciences is proud to partner with Schoonover Inc. to provide their customers with the best and most complete customer support available. For more information, visit the website.


Single Channel Pipettes

  • Accupet Pro
  • Accupet Evo
  • CAPP Bravo
  • CAPP Aero
  • Name Brand at Request

Multichannel Pipettes

  • Accupet Pro (8/12)
  • Accupet Evo (8/12)
  • CAPP Aero (8/12)
  • CAPP Aero 384 (16/48/64)


  • Drummond Pipet-Aids
  • CAPP Tempo
  • AccuHelp

Pipette Tips

  • Bulk Tips
  • Pre-Racked Sterile
  • Pre-Racked Filter
  • CAPP 384 Tips

Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • 1.5 ml Tubes
  • 2 ml Tubes (At Request)

PCR Tubes

  • Rounded Cap Tubes
  • Flat Cap Tubes
  • Strip Tubes

Serological Pipettes

  • 1 ml to 100 ml

Reagent Reservoirs

  • By Request


  • CAPP Rondo 15k RPM
  • CAPP Rondo 6k RPM
  • CTI Mini

Vortex Mixers

  • S.I. Vortex Genie 2
  • CAPP Rondo
  • CTI Mini Mixers
  • CTI Digital Vortex

Tube Rotators & Revolvers

  • CTI Rotators
  • CTI Revolvers

Rockers and Shakers

  • CTI 2D Rockers
  • CTI 3D Nutating Shakers
  • CTI Incubating Shakers
  • CTI Orbital Shakers

Mini Rollers

  • CTI Mini Rollers
  • CTI Stackable Rollers

Stirrers and Hot Plates

  • CTI Mag Stirrers
  • CTI Multi-Position Stirrers
  • CTI Hot Plate Stirrers


  • Micro Balances
  • Semi-Micro Balances
  • Analytical Balances
  • Precision Balances
  • Top Loading Precision Balances
  • High Capacity Precision Balances

Digital Dry Baths

  • CTI Digital Dry Baths

Mini Water Baths

  • CTI Mini Water Baths

Ultra Low Temp Freezer

  • Upright -86°C Freezers
  • Under Counter -86°C Freezers
  • Chest -86°C Freezers

Dual Cooling ULT Freezer

  • Upright -90°C Freezers

ULT Freezer Accessories

  • Freezer Rack and Box Sets
  • Cryo Gloves
  • Chest Freezer Baskets
  • Back-up CO2 System
  • Temp Chart Recorder

SS Freezer Racks

  • Adjustable Racks
  • 2" Box Racks
  • 3" Boxe Racks
  • Drawer Racks
  • Chest Racks
  • Plate Racks
  • Custom Racks (By Request)

ULT Freezer Boxes

  • 2" & 3" Cardboard Boxes
  • 2" & 3" Stainless Boxes
  • 2" Polycarbonate
  • 2" Polypropylene
  • Cardboard Box Dividers