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Thin Film Deposition Systems for Research and Development

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Thin Film Deposition for Vacuum Coating

Thin Film Deposition

Glovebox Vacuum Systems

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Dactyloscopy Systems

UNIVEX from Oerlikon Leybold are multipurpose vacuum coating systems for the production of functional physical deposition (PVD) layers. The Unisex features a modular designs, variable chamber sizes and a numerous accessories make UNIVEX systems versatile across wide fields of applications.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum provides UNIVEX system solutions, customizable for specific process needs. UNIVEX enable highly reproducible results through easy operation with either manual or full process control. 

Vacuum coating processes include: 

  • -Thermal Evaporation
  • -DC Sputter Coatings
  • -RF Sputtering
  • -E-Beam Evaporation
  • -Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • -Ion Beam Deposition

Glovebox Vacuum Systems can be most of the vacuum coating applications found in Thin Film Coating Systems but provide the controlled atmosphere of a sealed glovebox. A glovebox is important in applications where the handling of the sample requires control. Typical atmospheres include products susceptible to moisture or oxygen present in air. Radiological materials can also require glovebox handling.

Sliding front door for easy chamber access through the glove box. All system components with exception of the sliding door are accessible from outside the glove box. All vacuum deposition (or vacuum coating) processes such as sputtering, thermal evaporation or e-beam coating are available.

Typical applications include:

-Deposition onto O2 sensitive layers
-Deposition-moisture sensitive layers
-Organic based photovoltaics (OPV)
-Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED)
-Flexible / organic electronics

Altitude simulation reproduces the affects of altitude to test parts used in high altitude and space environments.  Parts tested include electronics, products and packaging. Vacuum pumping systems can either contain oil to create the vacuum or have dry pumps (no oil in the vacuum generating section). Thermal components for heating and cooling (to cryogenic temperatures) the part can be provided.

Typically, the system comprises a cylindrical vacuum chamber with high vacuum system and supply module with process controller. The simulation chamber isgenerally equipped with temperature controllable trays and shrouds, which may be both heated and cooled in a vacuum.The process module is moved manually along rails so that the simulation chamber can be opened for loading.

Dactyloscopy is the scientific study of fingerprinting.  Fingerprint identification is based upon the distinctive ridge outlines that appear on the bulbs on the inside of the end joints of the fingers and thumbs.

Dactyloscopy systems use metal evaporation process to reveal fingerprints on items containing finger print evidence.

Advantages of the Univex Dactylosocopy System include:
-Controllable thermal coating process
-Coating of areas up to 800mm x 400mm
-Short cycle time
-Good contrast & visibility on multicolor surfaces
-Finger print evidence remains undamaged
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Research and Development - Pilot Production Vacuum Systems