Leak Detection – Helium, Hydrogen, and Flow

Helium, Hydrogen and Flow Leak Detection Solutions

Helium Leak Detection is one of the most powerful strategies and can find leaks as small as 1×10^-10 Torr. Schoonover provides the PhoeniXL 300i, produced by Oerlikon, as its detection solution. With iPad control capability, sniffing settings, and a range of backing pump options, the PhoeniXL 300i can solve your High Vacuum leak detection needs.

Hydrogen Leak Detection provides an affordable detection solution for leaks as small as 1×10^-3 Torr. When flowing an inert 5% Hydrogen, 95% Nitrogen mixture through the equipment, piping, or chamber in question, Hydrogen escapes through the leak. A hydrogen sensing chip inside the hand held LOKtracer initiates an alarm and lights the LED lights on the unit to signify a leak has been found. Hyrdrogen Leak Detection is easy to use and provides the portable solution to Leak Detection in the plumbing, air conditioning, and quality control testing fields.

Flow Leak Detection detects smalls leaks using any kind of gas, including air. Our Apex Low Pressure Drop Flow Controllers have the the ability to find leaks as small as 0.0025 standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm). Our Mass Flow Controllers control the pressure of the system being tested at a desired pressure, and attempts to flow at the set limit for the leak you are testing. If flow is achieved, then a leak above your desired pass fail line has been found.

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