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LACO Technology's Vacuum Ovens and Thermal Heating Systems offer a broad range of temperature and vacuum levels. Vacuum ovens are available in high vacuum (10-3 to below 10-7 Torr) and medium vacuum (atmosphere to 10-3 Torr) ranges with temperature ranges to 600 deg. C. 

Applications include vacuum drying, degassing, bake-out, vacuum curing of rosins and compounds, thermal testing, environmental systems and moisture removal.

Sizing of ovens can be in box or cylindrical design to 48". Options can include air or water cooling with cryogenic design to -80 deg. C possible.

Vacuum degassing is the process of using a vacuum to remove trapped gases from compounds that are stuck in the compound mixture from the mixing stage of the process. Gas bubbles in the mixture, if not removed before the material cures, can result in product defects such as nodules, cavities and hollows in the completed cast part.

Configurations can be either table-top or cart mounted. Most systems come with vacuum pumping systems capable of providing vacuum pressures to the low millibar range. Systems can have stainless steel and can have acrylic lids.

Altitude simulation is the replication of altitude to test parts used in high altitude and space environments. Parts tested include electronics, products and packaging. Vacuum pumping systems can either contain oil to create the vacuum or have dry pumps (no oil in the vacuum generating section). Thermal components for heating and cooling (to cryogenic temperatures) the part can be provided.

ASTM Standards for parts and package testing is ASTM D6653 / D6653M - 13. Chamber sizing depends on the size of object tested, but can range from table-top, cart mounted to 8 ft. in diameter chamber systems.

Package testing in vacuum environment provides a package simulation to a standard operating environment for the expected lifetime of the package and product. Performance and reliability testing can expose manufacturing and design flaws in the packaging. Vacuum chambers and systems can simulate hot and cold environments (-150 C to +200 C) in high to low vacuum conditions.

Environmental chamber systems can replicate the pressure and temperature conditions products will be subjected to during their intended use. Testing can include food and beverage, medical packaging and chemical storage.

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Oven Standard Design

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Oven Table Top

Vacuum Bake Out Oven

Vacuum Bake Out Oven 

Vacuum Ovens Thermal

Vacuum Oven Thermal Ovens

Vacuum Ovens on Cart

Vacuum Oven Cart Mounted

Vacuum Table Top Degassing Systems

Vacuum Degassing Table Top

Vacuum Cart Mounted Degassing Systems

Vacuum Degassing Cart Mounted

Vacuum Degassing System with Mixer

Vacuum Degassing With Mixer

Vacuum Degassing Large System

Large Vacuum Degassing System

Space Simulation System Cart Mounted

Altitude Simulation System Cart

Large Space Simulation System

Altitude Simulation System Cart

Space Simulation System

Space Simulation System

Space Simulation System

Interior of Space Simulation System

Integrity Design Food Packaging

Food Packaging Integrity Test System

Standard Design Food Packaging

Food Packaging Standard Test System 

Packaging System Test for Transportation of Product

Transportation Food Packaging System

Packaging Test System of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Food Packaging 

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