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UHV Cryocooler (UHV Cryostat)

Laboratory Cryocooler or Cryostat -UHV Open Cycle & Closed Cycle Cryocoolers for ultra high vacuum applications typically require metal seal flanges and ability of the system to allow for bake-out to enhance the desorption of water vapor molecules on the inside walls of the chamber.

Our laboratory cryocoolers have design features that allow choices to provide the most cooling power, lowest temperature capability and fully customizeable design of the vacuum shrouds, shields and sample mounting. Open cycle designs for sample in vacuum with temperature capability from <4K to 1000K

  • Can be baked to 200C with internal cold head parts removed
  • Designed for use with a variety interfaces & applications
  • Modular design that allows for choice of cryocooler, interchangable vacuum tails, flexible orientation
  • Allows for both open cycle and closed cycle designs
  • Vibration dampening designs available
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment with test data provided

Choose Your Cryocooler – Temperature Range – Cooling Power 

Displex® CH-204 UHV 10 or 6.5K


UHV Position Manipulation - XYZ & rotation


UHV Ultra Low Vibration Interface

Open Cycle CoolTran

CoolTran for Manipulation

CoolTran UHV Manipulation

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