Saving Money on Vacuum Equipment-#1 – Hardware Savings on Projects

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Saving Money on Vacuum Equipment No. 1

Bundle Vacuum Hardware Items on Projects

I have found when customers have bigger projects, first equipment to get quotations on are the bigger items like vacuum pumps. This makes sense in that a vacuum pump can be a longer lead time item that is critical to acquire to meet project time frames. After the first "big ticket" items are purchased, customers work their way down until the last items ordered are all the miscellaneous hardware items that are usually in stock.

Many have heard the saying GOOD FAST CHEAP...you can get two but not all three. Good and Fast..... is not Cheap. Fast and Cheap..... is not Good. Cheap and Good.... is not Fast.

So one way we have found cost savings for customers is to concentrate on the smaller items upfront. If we can get a list of vacuum pump hardware items early in the project, we can provide the GOOD hardware at a CHEAP less expensive cost. 

Send us your Bill of Materials for your project.

- Pricing should be 15-25% less than you would find anywhere else
- Quality is same or better
- Lead time is 8 weeks

To get started, visit our Vacuum Components Page or to send us your list for quote, go to Contact Page and upload.