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Vacuum fittings and flanges NW (otherwise known as KF or QF)

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NW flanges and fittings -KF Vacuum Flanges - QF Vacuum Flanges
KF Flanges and Fittings for high vacuum & ultra-high vacuum
KF Vacuum Valve

NW  (also known as KF & QF)

NW Vacuum Hardware is known also as KF and QF. NW Vacuum Flanges and Fittings are quick release and are great in rough vacuum to high vacuum applications. NW Fittings are quick and easy to use and assemble into a vacuum system. Sizes range from 10 mm (NW1o) to 50 mm (NW50). Seals are reusable and bakeable to 150C with Viton o-ring seals.

Any difference between NW, KF or QF?

No, NW, KF (from Klein Flansche) and QF are the same types of vacuum flange systems. KF is the more popular European term, while NW is more popular in North American. QF in reference to Quick Flange, is descriptive of the type flange system.

NW Flange Materials

Standard material of construction is 304SS or aluminum. Clamps are usually aluminum as they are not exposed to the process gas. O-ring materials are piton, buna or silicone. Centering ring can be either aluminum or 304 stainless.

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