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Our Represented Companies

Our Represented Companies

Our line-up of represented companies for high vacuum and technical product companies. At Schoonover, we represent only the highest caliber companies.

Represented Companies

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Shop Vacuum Products

Apex Sciences is home to our brand of the very best vacuum & technical products. Visit our On-Line Store for the best products some with free shipping.

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Our Apex Brand of Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

Helium & Hydrogen Leak Detection

                Hydrogen, Helium & Refrigeration Leak Detectors
                Leak Detection Systems
                Subsurface or Underground Pipe Hydrogen Leak Detection

High Temperature Furnaces

Laboratory and Production Furnaces from 1000-1800 Deg. C

Cryo-Coolers for sample cooling in science Temperature down to 2.5K

Fine Chemical Filtration

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New Hydro-Lok Underground Hydrogen Leak Detector Design

Using the Hydro-Lok Subsurface Leak Detector (for underground water, gas, cable or steam lines) you fill the line with non-combustible  5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen tracer gas. Let it seep to the surface and then detect walking the line with our Hydro-Lok Hydrogen Leak Detector.

Subsurface Pipe Leak Locator using a hydrogen leak detector

Making Something Like New Again

Pat Toland of M&T Systems in Santa Rosa, California started his company after spending a number of years as the Polycold Service Manager. His guys, shown in the picture, restore a Polycold to a "like new" state. Seen here is after the stack foam has been removed. The tubing has been leak checked and, next, will be re-foamed before the new compressor is installed. Once complete, the unit is tested and sent back to the customer to be re-installed on the chamber. See our Polycold Service Page for more information. Schoonover represents M&T Systems throughout North America, Canada and South America. We also sell refrigerant gases for a Polycold worldwide.

Polycold Repair in Action
Polycold Repair in Action