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Our Mission Statement

Choosing the proper and best equipment choice can be a time consuming
task. Using our experience, we quickly get you to the right product solution
for your application. We provide great solutions that maximize your productivity.

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About Us

Schoonover was established in 1963 as a manufacturer's representative for technical products. Today, Schoonover specializes in representing companies/products for high vacuum equipment, leak detection, high temperature furnaces, fine filtration filters, and cryogenic cooling equipment. In 2006, our products division, Apex Vacuum, began selling mass flow & vacuum products. Our aim was to not only to  provide the technical equipment customers needed but delivered it with engineering expertise to meet customer applications. In 2020, Apex Brands was introduced to provide products and services outside of the Apex core product line-up that could benefit from our expertise and service to the customer.

At Schoonover, if we get the engineering and technical details correct, the sales tend to follow! Customer service is at our core and what makes our customer experience unique!


Business Divisions

Schoonover Vacuum High Temperature Furnaces Chemical Filtration cryogenics

Manufacturer's Representative

Representation Line Card

Vacuum Equip (Rough, High & UHV)

Vacuum Chambers
RF & DC Plasma Generators
Vacuum Gate Valves
Water Vapor Cryopumps
Downstream Pressure Control
Sputtering Sources
Substrate Heaters

Cryostats- Cryo-Coolers 

High Temperature Furnaces

Laboratory High Temp Furnaces
Production High Temp Furnaces

Fine Chemical Filtration

Wireless Monitoring of Temperature,
Humidity & Movement on Products & Systems


Companies Represented Include

Advanced Energy
M&T Systems
Sharon Vacuum
ColdEdge Technologies
Sparkler Filters
CM Furnaces
HVA Inc.
Apex Vacuum
Sense Anywhere

Apex Branded Products


Mass Flow Precise Control

Mass Flow Controllers
Mass Flow Meters
Liquid Flow Controllers
Liquid Control Meters

Vacuum Pressure Control

Upstream Pressure Control- Atmosphere to Vacuum

Vacuum Flanges & Fittings

NW, ISO, CF & Vacuum Hardware
Weldable Vacuum Hardware
Vacuum Valves- Poppet, Gate Valves
Electrical Vacuum Feedthroughs
Vacuum Traps
Wire Seal Feedthroughs 

Ferrofluid Rotary Feedthroughs

Solid Shaft
Cartridge Mount

Wire Seal Vacuum Feedthroughs

NPT-male, UNF-male, ISO, KF, NW Flange
Glovebox Designs

Distributed Brands

Apex Product Brands

Apex Service Brands

Polycold Service, Refrigerant & Parts

Polycold Refrigerant Gas
Field Service
In-House Polycold Rebuild
Sale of Remanufactured Polycolds

Hydrogen Leak Detection- Sniffing

Hydrogen Leak Detectors
Underground Pipe Leak Detection

Helium Leak Detectors

Helium Leak Detectors
Helium Leak Detector Service

Vacuum Pumps

Leybold Vacuum
Busch Vacuum
Anest Iwata

Vacuum Pump Service

Parts For Most All Models of Vacuum Pumps
Rebuild Services for Vacuum Pumps

Diffusion Pump Heaters

All Models of Diffusion Pumps

Vacuum Process Filtration

Filters for Vacuum Processes

Electrical Vacuum Feedthroughs

Multi-Pin, Power, Coaxial & Thermocouple
NW (KF), ISO, CF, NPT & Baseplate