Nutsche Filters

Sparkler High Purity Nutsche Filters

Sparkler Filters manufactures both manual and automatic Nutsche filters.  Nutsche filters are single horizontal plate filters in a vertical tank for processing concentrations above 5% of easy to filter solids. Contact Schoonover, Inc. for more information on which Nutsche filter is best for your application requirements.

Manual Nutsche filters are available in a variety of designs. Cake discharge is by scoop or shovel, with a bottom drop door, lifting a basket from the tank, tilting the tank, or dissolving the cake in place.

The WD is a wash and dry automatic Nutsche filter with a special impeller to assist in filtration, washing, drying and automatic cake discharge through a valve in the bottom of the filter tank. By combining multiple unit operations in a single tank, product yield is maximized and operator exposure is minimized.

Manual Nutsche Filter



Filter Septum:


Std. Capacity Range:



Cake Discharge:


Additional Notes:

7″ to 32″ Diameter


Paper, Cloth or Non-wovens


Filter Area: 0.26 to 5.6 ft2

Cake Volume: Varies with cake depth


Manual Dry Cake or Dissolve


For processing large volume of easily filtered solids (crystalline) solids.

Sparkler Filters Nutsche Filter
Sparkler Nutsche Filter Inside

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