Wire Seal Feedthroughs

vacuum feedthroughs

Wire Seal Feedthroughs

Flanges such as NPT, UPF or NW (also known as KF)

Applications for Vacuum Chambers or Gloveboxes

vacuum feedthroughs

Apex Wire Seal feedthrough or cable pass through feedthroughs are designed to pass cables from atmosphere to high vacuum. Cables can include most types of instrumentation wire or cable. Standard temperature range is from -40F to 200F. Please consult our factory if your specifications are outside this temperature range. Each wire feedthrough has a 12 month warranty.

Custom cables can usually be sealed to provide power, thermocouple or communications to vacuum chambers of glovebox systems. Cables such as USB, Ethernet and many photography cables have been passed through into vacuum or glovebox systems.

Apex Vacuum Cable Pass Through Vacuum Feedthrough

  • Leak Tested to 1x10-10 atm cc/sec

  • NPT, KF , NW or Male UNF Flanges

  • Can be used for many different cables including USB, ethernet and  instrument wiring

  • Exclusive SERCOSEAL  hermetic sealing

  • Customized to your specifications


Applications in which these wire feedthroughs are commonly used are:

  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Particle accelerators
  • Furnaces
  • Analytical equipment
  • In-vacuum coating
  • Satellite instrumentation
  • X-ray detection equipment
  • Gloveboxes (atmospheric or vacuum)



 Custom Wire Feedthrough Quote Form

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vacuum feedthrough number of wires per fitting chart


Construction of the Wire Seal Feedthroughs

 Wire Types

  • Copper stranded
  • Copper Buss
  • Copper/constant
  • Chromel/alumel
  • Iron/constantan
  • Chromel/constantan


Wire Gauges


  • Wire gauge (stocked)
  • Thermocouple: 24 gauge
  • Copper: 28 to 12 gauge


Custom Lengths (inches):


  • Length inside (vacuum)
  • Length outside (atmospheric)


cable pass through vacuum feedthrough