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Pressure Controller

Apex Pressure Controllers

Pressure Control to 500 psig

Apex Pressure Controllers for positive pressure applications combine pinpoint accuracy with flexibility to specify your application's parameters. Our pressure controllers come in full scale  ranges from -15 psia to 500 psig. Configurations are as follows:

Single Valve (PC Series)
Dual Valve (DVPC Series)
Single Valve with Sensing Port (PC3 Series)

Apex Pressure Controllers for pressure applications combine pinpoint accuracy with flexibility to specify your application's parameters. Apex Pressure Controllers can be used in a number of different ways to control pressure. Apex Vacuum Pressure Controllers can be combined with our mass flow controllers & meters on our BB9 hub to control up to 26 devices with one computer.


Vacuum Evaporation
Membrane Testing
Vacuum Sputtering
Plasma Deposition
Thin Film Coating Systems
High Temperature Furnace Pressure Control
E-Beam Coating Systems
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
University Research
Filter Characterization

  • Advantages of Apex Pressure Controllers

    • Pressure Range from 0-15 psia to 500 pig full scale
    • Pinpoint Pressure Accuracy
    • 50-100 millisecond response
    • Tune-able PID algorithm
    • Custom valve orifice sizing yields full-range control
    • Control up to 26 Apex devices with one Computer or PLC
    • No Warm-up Time Needed for Start-up
    • Available with Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges 1000, 100, 10, 1 torr vacuum gauge sensors
    • Digital Display as well as digital and analog communication options
    • 9 potential units of pressure measurement, specified at order


    Apex Pressure Controllers are in use all over the world in both Research, Analytical, and Industrial Applications. Both OEM equipment builders and some of the worlds finest researchers have already taken advantage of the technological benefits and low prices of Apex Vacuum Mass Flow Controllers, Meters, and Pressure Controllers, now it's your turn!

Types of Apex Pressure Controllers

Apex Pressure Controller with on-board 0-30psia sensor

Apex Vacuum Dual Valve Pressure Controller

Apex Dual Valve Pressure Controller 

Apex Pressure Controller

The Standard Apex Pressure Controllers have pressure ranges from around -15 psia to 500 psig applications. Pressure controllers can be designed for in-line or back pressure configurations. Set points can be given to the device through analog, digital or direct input through the control pad on the device. Various valves can be used on the pressure controller for different flow ranges. One common application is to bleed a gas into the vacuum system to maintain set pressure while the system is actively pumped. 

Apex Dual Valve Pressure Controllers -15 psia to 500 psig Range

The Dual Valve Apex Pressure Controllers have pressure ranges for applications from -15 psia to 500 psig with valves on both the inlet and exhaust. The Apex Dual Valve PC is the prefect tool for pressure control in closed systems. The dual valve system allows pressurizing as well as exhausting of your chamber or test piece while maintaining consistent pressure all with one device. A fourth sensing port is available located in the front of the device.

Vacuum furnace pressure control

Apex Pressure Controller -Tube Furnace w/ Vacuum

apex vacuum dual valve pressure controller

Apex Dual Valve Pressure Controller