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high vacuum flanges and fittings - ISO-K vacuum hardware

Apex Vacuum ISO Flanges & Fittings

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ISO Vacuum fittings and flanges
ISO Vacuum Flange bolted
ISO Double Claw Clamp

ISO Vacuum Flanges & Fittings

ISO Vacuum Hardware provide quick release capability starting at 63 mm and ranging to as high as 500 mm. ISO flanges use a similar type quick connection to NW Flanges, which are common on the smaller sizes. ISO flanges use a centering ring with an elastomer material with with bolts or claw type clamps to make the vacuum seal. Range of vacuum is from atmosphere down to high vacuum. 

Two Types of ISO Vacuum Flanges

ISO high vacuum hardware comes in two different connection types, bolted or clamped. Bolted is commonly referred to as ISO-F, while clamped is called ISO-K. ISO-K is more common as it allows for quick release connections using single or double claw clamps. Single claw systems allow for taped holes on the vacuum chamber itself. Bolted ISO flanges are popular for more industrial connections where the quick release is not a priority.


ISO Flanges standard material is 304SS with aluminum as an alternative metal for the centering rings that fit between the ISO flanges. Sealing rings (gasket material) that fit on the centering ring can be viton, buna or silicone. Additional materials can be aluminum or 316SS for applications where 304SS is not a proper material.

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