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Low Vibration Cryocooler

Laboratory Low Temperature

Cryostats and Cryocoolers

Ultra Low Vibration Cryostats

Cryocoolers for low vibration applications. Cryocooler designs from <4K to 1000K sample temperatures. Vibration dampening interface with sample in vacuum and UHV designs

Our laboratory cryocoolers have low vibration design features that allow choices to provide the most cooling power, lowest temperature capability and fully customizeable design of the vacuum shrouds, shields and sample mounting.

  • Vibration dampening interface in the range from <10 to 15 nanometer displacement at the sample
  • Ability to choose the low vibration cryocooler from proven designs such as CTI and Sumitomo
  • Compatable with pulse tube and Gifford McMahon type designs
  • <4K to 1000K Temperature Capability
  • High performance gas gap heat exchange design allows 80% of cryocoolers cooling capacity to be utilized
  • Allows for easy removal of the cryo-cooler head for bake-out to 200C or for cryocooler maintenance
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment with test data provided

Low vibration cryocooler applications include SEM, Microscope, Optical, DAC, Mossbauer, Micro Raman, MEMS, STM Quantum Dot, UHV, Diamond Anvil Cell and other vibration sensitive experiments

Choose Your Cryocooler – Temperature Range – Cooling Power – Compressor Selection

Low Vibration Interface


Shown with Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems MEM’s Polytec MSA-500 interface

Optical Spectroscopy-DAC


Microscope Cryocooler


Bolometer Cooling <4K


FTIR with Sample Tilt


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