Vacuum Gauge Sensors (1 millitorr-760 torr)

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Leybold Thermovac Vacuum Gauge

 Types of Vacuum Sensors
(1 millimeter to 2000 torr)

Ceravac Transmitters - Direct Measurement
DI/DU Sensors - Direct Measurement
Thermovac Transmitters - Indirect MEMS Pirani

Vacuum Sensors for Rough Vacuum (1 millitorr to 760 torr)

The vacuum pressure range from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is over 16 orders of magnitude. To cover this range requires more than one sensor type. Rough vacuum can be defined from atmosphere to the low millitorr range. Vacuum gauge sensors covering this range can be direct measurement where the pressure acts upon the surface of a diaphragm or indirect, where measurement is a function of a pressure dependent property of the gas (i.e. thermal conductivity or ionization). Using the indirect method requires an adjustment factor for that gas if other than air.

The measurement range is the decisive factor for an appropriate vacuum gauge. The chart below shows the type sensors and models for the pressure range. The corresponding gauge controller is also provided in the chart for the proper sensor.

vacuum gauge type for pressure range

 Types of Vacuum Sensors


Pirani MEMS vacuum gauge transmitter

Thermovac Transmitters

The operation of the THERMOVAC transmitters is based on the thermal conductivity principle after Pirani. S-versions offer set point relays for improved process control. The THERMOVAC series is equipped with a LED-ring (360°) showing the sensor status.

Principle of measurement

Thermal conductivity after Pirani

Measurement/display range 5·10-5 to 1000 mbar (1 millibar = 0.75 torr)

Pirani Piezo vacuum gauge transmitter TTR 101

Thermovac TTR 101 Transmitters

The THERMOVAC TTR 101 N models use a thermal conductivity MEMS Pirani / Piezo solid state sensor combination. They are resilient to vibration and shock venting and provide superior accuracy and gas type-independent readings between 10 mbar and 1500 mbar.

Principle of measurement

Thermal conductivity after Pirani combined with Piezo

Measurement/display range 5·10-5 to 1000 mbar (1 millibar = 0.75 torr)

Vacuum CDG

CERAVAC Transmitters

The CERAVAC Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG)direct measurement of an Inconel diaphragm defection to measure vacuum pressure. They are resilient to vibration and pressure bursts and provide good resistance to corrosive process gases.

Principle of measurement

Capacitive diaphragm stainless steel sensor

Measurement/display range- 10-5 to 1000 torr

Linear pressure vacuum gauge sensors

DI/DU200 Transmitter

These sensors excel through a high overload response as well as excellent corrosion and vibration resistance. In addition, theyt have a wide measurement range due to the combines measurement principle.

Principle of measurement

Capacitive ceramic diaphragm sensor, piezo resistive diaphragm sensor

Measurement/display range-0.1 to 200 mbar or 1 to 2000 mbar

Leybold Vacuum Graphix Vacuum Gauge Controller

Graphix Series Vacuum Gauge Controller

Vacuum gauge controller with 1-3 channels for all active sensors. Graphix has a 3.5" TFT touchscreen interface, easy to read bar graph display and ability to detect leaks using a pressure rise test.

  • Readout selectable between mbar, Torr, Micron, Pascal or Psi
  • Up to 6 adjustable set points
  • Internal and external data-logging (USB port on the front) for configuration and real-time measurement data
  • Sensor control function (degas and zero adjustment)
  • Available languages: English, German, Chinese, Japanese

Leybold Vacuum Gauge Read-out

Display One. Display Two & Display Three Vacuum Gauge Display

Display One (Display Two or  Display Three) Vacuum Gauge Displays provides cost effective display technology of vacuum pressures. The Display One can be used with any of the active sensor Leybold Vacuum sensors. Readout selectable between mbar, Torr or Pascal. Chart recorder 0-10V output provided.