Trivac Rotary Vane

Leybold Vacuum
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Applications for Trivac

Vacuum Evaporation
Vacuum Sputtering
Research and Development
Vacuum Coating
Leak Detection
Vacuum Furnaces
Roughing Vacuum Systems
Automotive Braking Systems

The two stage, oil lubricated TRIVAC B is the choice of vacuum pumps when durable evacuation or roughing is needed in vacuum systems. The TRIVAC B and TRIVAC BCS (synthetic oil for more corrosive applications) pumps, with their comprehensive range of accessories, have proven themselves as reliable and rugged pumps in many and varied applications. The ultimate pressure is about 10-4 mbar. The pumping speed, depending on the pump size, TRIVAC D 4 B to TRIVAC D 65 B, is in the range from 4 to 65 3/h (2 to 38 cfm).

TRIVAC BCS Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The TRIVAC BCS and its accessories:

  •  CFS (chemical filter with safety isolation valve)
  •  ARS (exhaust filter with lubricant return)
  • IGS (inert gas system)
  • LSS (limit switch system)
  • EIS (electrical indicator system)

In many applications the use of synthetic lubricants like perfluoropolyether (PFPE or Krytox) offers superior characteristics compared to mineral oils.

The TRIVAC BCS Vacuum Pumps can be equipped with or without the PFPE or Krytox fluid. Call us at 800-331-2808 to discuss your application to determine what level of corrosive series vacuum pumping is needed. The TRIVAC BCS Series comes in sizes from the D16BCS to the D65BCS as described above the in mineral oil TRIVAC B Series.


For special applications in the automotive industry, the use of TRIVAC B-DOT versions is recommended. The TRIVAC B-DOT pumps operate with brake fluid (DOT 4) as the sealing and lubricating agent. These pumps are equipped with EPDM seals, which are highly compatible with brake fluid. Except for the seals and the fluid, the TRIVAC B-DOT pumps are identical to the oil-sealed TRIVAC B pumps

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