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Advanced Energy manufactures DC Power Supplies for all power levels for vacuum coating. In sputtering applications, target yield, deposition rate and target poisoning are process issues that Advanced Energy Plasma Generators address.

Used with physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes: both complex metallic sputtering and in combination with a reactive gas to form thin-film dielectric layers. AE’s DC power products have been used in varied manufacturing markets, including: 

  • Semiconductor (copper, aluminum, tantalum, titanium, and newer exotic materials) 
  • Flat panel display (thin-film transistor, color filter, organic LEDs) 
  • Data storage (optical storage, magnetic storage, and combinations of magneto-optical storage) 
  • Solar photovoltaic cell (transparent conductive oxides and Si deposition) 
  • Architectural glass 
  • Advanced product applications (thin films for optics, tool coating, plastics, etc.)

Ascent AMS

DC Plasma Generator

Provides stable delivery during extreme arc conditions. The Ascent has industry leading arc management for producing high quality films.  Ascent models are available in 30 kW, 40kW and 60kW of power. Communication protocols include analog, Profibus, Ethernet, Ethercat and DeviceNet.

Ascent DMS

DC Plasma Generator

Power delivery and control for dual magnetron sputtering. The Ascent DMS provides repeatable customized deposited films.  Ascent  DMSmodels are available in 30 kW, 40kW and 60kW of power. Communication protocols include, analog, Profibus, Ethernet, Ethercat and DeviceNet.

Pinnacle Series

Provides remarkable consistency at the lowest installed and operating costs. The arc management features provide the fastest arc suppression on the market. Compact versatile package provides the widest full power impedance range in the industry.

Pinnacle Plus Series

The choice for reactive sputtering, this pulsed supply offers high deposition rates and repeatable performance. Provides high film quality at an attractive price compared to AC supplies. Available in 5K, 10K and dual 5K configurations.

Pinnacle Plus 3000

Compact 3000 W 2U power package, providing the highest efficiency and power factor available. This results in the lowest operating cost available. Versitile in both process and bias applications.

Pinnacle Diamond

The most cost efficient 15KW power package available. Versitile in process and bias applications. Offers fast configurable arc response. Available in a 3U 1/2 rack configuration.

MDX Series 500 W

Designed for continuous hard use in a vacuum environment. A leading performer in magnetron sputtering, DC sputtering with RF bias, and DC biased RF sputtering. Well suited small scale production and laboratory applications.

MDX Series 1kW and 1.5kW

Tight regulation and superior arc quenching, along with low stored power output energy, make this an industry leader. These are most commonly used in magnetron sputtering applications. The compact design makes this supply popular in laboratory applications.

E’Wave Bipolar Pulsed- DC Series

This bi-polar pulsed DC power supply improves surface uniformity, reduces additive consumption for the copper-plating phase of dual-damascene process flow (DDPF) applications, including wafer electroplating in a production environment and copper process development. E’Wave power supply offers up to three channels, each of which has an independently driven bipolar power source and is capable of producing, storing, and running up to 15 current-controlled or voltage-controlled waveforms.

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