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Leak Detection Repairs

Leak Detection Repair

Leak Detection Repair

Services for: Alcatel, Inficon, Leybold, TitanTest, Pfeiffer

Leak Detection Repair

LACO Repair and Preventive Maintenance Plan:

LACO's Preventive Maintenance Services will help you protect your equipment and maximize your running time. The PM services give you expert support, and exclusive savings. They offer several services that are designed to keep your systems running, including Repair, Prevention, Training, and Rentals. Here's how it works:

Leak Detection Repair
Leak Detection Damage Prevention
Leak Detection Rental

- LACO offers Leak Detection and Vacuum Repairs. 

- They offer commissioning and upgrades.

- With a large stock of spare parts and accessories, they'll get your system running in no time.

- LACO provides Preventive Maintenance for helium leak detectors, vacuum systems, and leak test systems.

- They offer 1, 2, or 4 year Service agreements as well as single service maintenance.

- LACO provides Maintenance Training for Leak detection.

- Technical training for leak testing and vacuum systems.

- Services are available in-house, on-site, or via webinar.

- Your solution for leak detector rentals.

- They offer weekly, monthly, and yearly rentals.

- You can save 50% on rentals when combined with repair and preventive maintenance services.


Helium Leak Detector Scope of Work:

  • Leak Detector Repairs and Overhauls
  • Turbo Pump Wick Changes, Cleaning or Factory Exchanges
  • Circuit Board Repair to the Component Level
  • Rotary Vane Pump Repair and Overhaul
  • Mass Spec and Preamp Repair and Rebuilds
  • Preventative Maintenance on Common Failures


  • Extensive diagnostics capabilities
  • Leak standard calibration service
  • Component level electronics repairs
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Preventative maintenance and rebuild programs
  • Rush turnaround service available
  • New and rebuilt parts for most major brands
  • Refurbished and rental leak detectors available
  • Three-month warranty on parts and labor

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Models of Helium Leak Detectors Serviced

Inficon Models

LDS2010 Module

LDS3000 Module

Modul 1000



Leybold Models

Phoenix L300

Phoenix L300i

Alcatel Models

ASM 142

ASM 142S

ASM 310

ASM 180T


ASM 182T

ASM 182 TD

ASI 20

HiCube 80

Pfeiffer Models

HLT 260

HLT 265

HLT 270

HLT 275

HLT 550

HLT 560

HTL 570

ASM 310

ASM 340