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DC Power Supplies

DC Pulsed Power

Thermal Detection

RF Power Supply

RF Match Networks

Advanced Energy manufactures power supplies and thermal products for high tech industries such as the coating industry, solar panel manufacturing, and semiconductor processing. Their RF & DC Plasma Sources are used in vacuum coating processes such as architectural glass, thin film deposition and flat panel displays. AE Power Supplies are unrivaled in the production of RF & DC Plasma and specialize in:

  • Plasma Control
  • Unmatched Arc Handling Capability
  • Cutting Edge Match Technology
  • Leading Solutions to Complex Vacuum Deposition Processes

In addition, we supply DC sputtering (reactive and metallic), AC dual-cathode sputtering, and PECVD and units for ion beam deposition, reactive ion beam etch (RIBE), and leading-edge plasma instrumentation applications.

Advanced Energy designs specialized power supplies for applications such as:

  • RF cleaning 
  • Metal and dielectric etching 
  • Photoresist ashing 
  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) 
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) 
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD) 
  • Sputter deposition

Direct Current Power Systems

Low to Mid Frequency Power Systems

Pinnacle Series – Range 3-200kw Air Cooled

Pinnacle Diamond – Range 8-15kw Water Cooled

MDX Series – 500W-1.5kw

Pinnacle Plus+ Pulsed-DC – Pinnacle with Internal Power Pulsing

Pinnacle 3000 – High Efficiency 3000 W

PEII Low-Frequentcy Series – 40 kHz Pulse Width to 40 kW

PDX  Mid-Frequency Power Systems  – Range 1250-8000kw

LFGS RF Generators – Variable Frequency 1250W – 40-500 kHz

Crystal – Resonant-circuit power supply 60, 120 and 180 kW

RF Power Systems

RF Matches and Power Systems

Paramount RF Power-Delivery Systems – Half Rack 3 kW

Apex RF Power-Delivery Systems – Modular Design Chamber Mounting

HFV Variable Frequency (~2 MHz) Generators – 5 & 8kW Output

CESAR RF Power Supplies – 2-40.68 MHz, 0.3-5kW

HiLight RF Generators – Compact, Light & Air Cooled

Integro RF Generators – 600W RF with Vario Match

Ovation VHF Power-Delivery Systems – Faster High Precision Processes

Navigator Digital Matching Network – Wide Range impedances-15W to30 kW

VarioMatch Automatic Matching Networks – Wide Range Plasma Load Condition 

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