MRI Helium Handheld Leak Detector

GasCheck Tesla Handheld Helium Leak Detector
Operates Effectively in Areas of Magnetic Fields Such as MRI's

Providing a low cost handheld helium leak detector for MRI helium sniffing applications. The GasCheck Tesla provides optimal detection of leaks using a helium tracer gas while in high magnetic field applications.  The GasCheck Tesla operates on 4 AA Batteries to allow for true portability. Accuracy of +/- 5% with display reading of one decimal provides quantitative leak checking to measure actual leak rate and display on the unit. Factory calibration is provided for each unit during manufacture.

The GasCheck handheld helium leak detector provides reliable leak detection readings of the selected gas with results are displayed on the LCD Display. LED indicator and audible sound provides leak location. The GasCheck zeros itself to the background of the selected gas when switched on. The 3 levels of GasCheck G1,G2 & G3, provide options for special user applications and requirements. The instrument’s LCD display, LED indicator, and audible sounder clearly indicate the gas leak present.

GasCheck Tesla automatically zeros to the ambient air around it when switched on and is ready to detect immediately. The instrument’s easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive keypad allows for simple function, selection, and adjustment. Display provides real time measurement of helium leak rate in cc/sec, g/yr, mg/m3.