Hydrogen Leak Detector Applications

Hydrogen Leak Detector Applications

TLD.500 Priced less than $1000- Best Technology at an Affordable Price
TLD.1000 Quantitative Hydrogen Leak Detector with Highest Sensitivity

hydrogen sniffer applications

Leak Rate Sensitivity

 Hydrogen- Less than 1gram/yr 

Features TLD.500

 LED & Acoustic Leak Rate Display
 Manual Suppression of Background
 Automatic Zero
 1-2 Second Response Time
 Long Lasting Sensor
 Re-Chargable Batteries

Features TLD.1000

 Illuminated LCD Display
 Quantitative Measurement in PPM
 Sturdy Aluminum Housing
 Automatic Zero
 Accoustic & Optical Alarm
 Re-Chargable Batteries
Two Sensors- Wide ranging and Hydrogen Only

Finding Leaks in Refrigeration Systems

Where Can Hydrogen Leak Detectors Be Effective?

  • Supermarket Construction Before Lines are Charged with Refrigerant- 
    Using hydrogen tracer gas instead of pressure decay testing can provide up to 1000 times better detection of leaks before the piping is filled with refrigerant gas
  • Cooler or Freezer Refrigerant Line Maintenance
    Using hydrogen tracer gas allows for refrigerant gas to be removed and then re-filled with 5% H2/95%N2 gas for high sensitivity testing. Once repaired, the repair can be re-tested before being filled with refrigerant.
  • Electrical Generation Systems Cooled by Hydrogen
    Hydrogen cooled generators use hydrogen as the cooling medium. Locating leaks is important for maintaining the system and keeping efficientcy high.
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Service
    Using a hydrogen mixture in determining leak location in automotive refrigeration systems allow for high sensitivity testing with an enviromentally friendly gas.
  • Underground Water or Transmission Lines
    Precise leak detection in underground lines can save thousands of dollars in time and equipment. The H2 mixture percolates through the ground, asphalt and concrete to allow for simple detection above ground.
  • Location of Leaks in Production Repair Applications
    With helium leak detection in production applications, helium background can increase and make leaks difficult to find. Using hydrogen leak detectors in re-work area does not add to the helium background in the facility.
tracer gas leak detection applications using hydrogen
Subsurface Leak detection in Underground Piping such as water lines, fuel lines or swimming pools

Subsurface Leak Detection - Leaks in Water Lines, Fuel Lines & Swimming Pools

Underground water and transmission lines leaks can be hard to find and costly since lines can be in slabs, under pavement and other expensive structures. Hydrogen Leak Detectors such as the TLD.500 can be used effectively to locate the leak location within a three foot circle even under asphalt or concrete. The Hydro-Lok is also good for finding leaks in swimming pool installations. The Hydro-Lok system includes the hydrogen regulator, probe stand, TLD.500 & fill hose.

Best Reasons to Choose 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen as a Tracer Gas

* Completely Non-Combustible/Non-Toxic Tracer Gas
* Inexpensive Tracer Gas that is 1/3 the cost of helium
* Can be Safely Released into the Environment- Totally Inert Gases
* Small Leaks are Easily Located- Low Hydrogen Background in Air (0.5 ppm in air)
* Dissipates Rapidly to not Contaminate the Area for Future Testing

Hydrogen Leak Detector Product Information

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