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WH Roots Blower


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RUVAC roots pumps (also known as Vacuum Blowers ) have been manufactured by Leybold Vacuum for many years. The dry compressor roots principle has proven itself in many areas of vacuum technology including vacuum furnaces and vacuum coating.

Combined with oil-sealed fore-vacuum pumps such as the TRIVAC® or SOGEVAC®, SCREWLINE OR DRYVAC, RUVAC roots pumps are used very effectively to increase the pumping speed at low pressures, extending the operating pressure range of the fore-vacuum pumps.

RUVAC vacuum blowers are manufactured in three series with different motor drives.

The RUVAC WA series uses air cooled, flange-mounted standard three phase motors. The RUVAC WS series are equipped with canned (rotor) motors in air-cooled or water-cooled versions.

Each series consists of various sizes to always provide an optimized pumping speed for each application. All three series are available with or without integrated bypass valve (also known as pressure compensation valve). By using a bypass valve mechanism, the blower can be started at atmospheric pressure to decrease the roughing pump time. These blowers are designated by the U in the WAU, WSU or the new WHU Blower.

The RUVAC WH line includes a number of engineering innovations ensuring a long service life with minimum maintenance complexity.

The concept of the hermetically sealed, water cooled motor permits optimal cooling resulting in a very high motor efficiency.

Water cooling at the motor permits extreme high motor loads and at the same time high protection against overloads. Apart from a reduced pumpdown time, noise and heat emissions are reduced.

Water cooling significantly reduces the oil temperature, resulting in improved lubricating properties thereby guaranteeing a long service life for the bearings.

WH Roots Blower

Ruvac Roots Blowers Product Information 

WS/WSU 251
WS/WSU 501
WS/WSU 1001
WS/WSU 2001



WH  and WHU Roots Blower from Leybold Vacuum


Vacuum Blower Pumps – Reliable, Safe, Rugged

WA Series WAU Series WS Series WSU Series

Key Points

  • The WAU and WSU Series provide a pumping bypass to allow the blower to start at atmospheric pressure.
  • RUVAC roots pumps have rugged bearings, which in combination with the highly efficient lubrication systems, enhance quiet running properties.
  • WS Series provide a canned motor that eliminates a shaft seal between the pump module and motor.
  • RUVAC roots pumps can be used either in vertical or horizontal position. Position selected may be changed later if required.
WH Roots Blower

WH Roots Blower

 RUVAC WH Series

WH/WHU 700
WH/WHU 2500
WH/WHU 4400
WH/WHU 7000






Roots Pumps – Efficient and Reliable

WH Series WHU Series

Key Points

  • The WHU Series provide a pumping bypass to allow the blower to start at atmospheric pressure.
  • The WH and WHU Series can be equipped with frequency control to enhance pumping speed under vacuum & run at lower speeds during low load process conditions to reduce energy consumption.
  • WH Series and WHU Series eliminates a shaft seal to provide a 4 year maintenance cycle.
  • The concept of the hermetically sealed, water cooled motor permits optimum cooling resulting in a very high motor efficiency.
Wh and WHU Blowers