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Low to Mid Frequency Plasma Generators offer highly efficient plasma generators for improved process control for a wide variety of applications.

PDX Mid-Frequency Power Supplies

The PDX Series low power (1250 and 1400W) and the high power (5000 and 8000W)of mid frequency power supplies offer a robust, compact and highly efficient plasma generator. These power supplies provide a wide operating frequency range providing optimized process control.

PEII Low-Frequency Series

The Low Frequency PEII Power Supply provides 40KHz pulse width modulation (PWM). The PEII provides advanced arc control and internal load matching to power levels to 60kW. The PEII comes in 5kW and 10kW options with master slave up to the 60kW.

LFGS RF Generators

The versatile, variable-frequency LFGS RF generator (1250 W,  40 to 500 kHz) suits a wide variety of semiconductor and general plasma-processing applications, including sputtering, reactive ion etching, plasma deposition, polymerization, and surface treatment.


The Crystal resonant-circuit power supply is well suited to the large area glass coating applications such as automotive, architectural, anti-reflective and mirror applications. Available in 60, 120 and 180kW power levels, the crystal provides low-arc energy and compensates for plasma variations- increasing throughput and maximizing target utilization.

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