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TURBOVAC Molecular High Vacuum Turbo Pumps 

Trivac Series Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


  • Analytical High Vacuum Applications
  • Helium Leak Checking
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Load Locks
  • High Vacuum Laboratory Applications
  • Optical Coating
  • Degassing
  • Data Storage
  • UHV Vacuum Systems
  • Semiconductor Tools
  • Vacuum Furnaces 

The TURBOVAC turbomolecular vacuum pumps with mechanical rotor suspension are durable robust turbo pumps in the pressure range from 10-1 mbar (0.75 x 10-1 Torr) to 10-10 mbar (0.75 x 10-1 Torr). Pumping speeds for air range from 35 l/s to 2400 l/s. TURBOVAC Turbo Pumps employ a compact design, the reliable ceramics ball bearings and the simplicity of design and operation. This Classic Oerlikon Leybold turbo pump product is perfect for many high vacuum applications.

The three models of the TURBOVAC i/iX Series offered for OEM, End User and R&D applications. The TUROBVAC i Series provides the best in class performance in throughput and compression ratio available in high vacuum pumping.

  • Standard Front End - Cost-efficient solution for basic function & interface. Baerst for OEM applications that do not need extensive control interfaces and also need to control cost
  • AnyBus Extension - Flexibility for many interface options. AnyBus allows the user to choose from an array of control modules.
  • Vacuum System Controller TURBOVAC iX - For extended functions and pump system control. Vacuum gauge readout options along with on-board relays provide the R&D user the interfaces and flexibility needed for stand alone research and development applications.


The TURBOVAC Classic Series provide proven high vacuum pumping solutions. These designs are robust, high performance and lower in cost for customers not needing features of higher end pumps. Applications range from vacuum coating on the larger turbo pumps to R&D applications for the 50-360 l/s pumps.


Turbovac i Series- Best in Class Light Gases Pump Speed & 100x compression ratio improvement

The Turbovac i Series offers the best in class performance featuring cutting edge rotor and drag stage design providing high performance. Performance in compression ratio is 100x previous models.

  • Price & Performance- Best in Class Performance for Light Gases -aggressively priced

  • Plug & Play- Integrated Controller Electronics- for easy installation, operation & control

  • Fit & Forget - Innovative bearing and Pump Design- for superior long-term performance

"Compression Ratio” is the ratio between foreline (partial) pressure and inlet (partial) pressure for a given process gas, measured in “zero flow” conditions (performed by injecting the process gas in the pump foreline while the high vacuum port is blanked off).

Turbovac i Series Turbomolecular High Vacuum Pump
TURBOVAC 350i/ix and 450i/ix
TURBOVAC 350i/ix and 450i/ix

TURBOVAC 90iX, 250 iX,  350iX, 450 iX Series of Turbo Pumps

TURBOVAC 90i, 250 i  350i, 450 i Series of Turbo Pumps

The TURBOVAC i Series provides the cost-efficient solution for basic functions and interfaces. These features include, an internal 24/48 V DC frequency converter, status LED's, easy and user friendly interfaces (USB, RS485, 15-pin DIG I/O) along with two accessory controller ports

The TUROBOVAC i/iX Series with the AnyBus extension provides the flexible and numerous special interfaces provided by AnyBus. These interfaces include options for Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/ IP,  Bluetooth, RS 232, 24V SPS and others.

The TURBOVAC ix Series is designed for end users and R&D applications where a system controller is preferred. Interfaces include  vacuum gauge port, 3 ports for accessories, fore vacuum pump control and AnyBus Extension.

Benefits of Extra Pumping Performance

1. Increased Pumping Speed gives, 

  • Higher gas flows at the same chamber pressures 
  • Lower chamber pressures at the same gas flows

2. Increased Compression gives,

  •  Lower chamber pressures
  • Increased exhaust pressure without effecting inlet pressure (Only a benefit at very low gas flows) 


3. Increased Maximum Gas Flow gives,

  • Higher maximum allowable gas flow rates


4. Increased Backing Pressure gives,

  • Smaller size roughing pumps possible cost and footprint reduction

Turbovac Classic Series - Proven, durable turbo pump designs from 50 l/s up to 1600 l/s models. These turbo pumps are known for their low cost robust performance. The Turbovac Classic Series are the best pumping performance for the money available.

TURBOVAC i/iX Series Videos