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Panther & Panther Pro Gas Selections Available

Hydrogen H2
Helium He
Refrigerant R1301
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant R22
Refrigerant R11
Sulphur Hexaflouride SF6
Carbon dioxide CO2
Methane CH4
Argon Ar
Oxygen O2
Refrigerant R502
Refrigerant R404a
Refrigerant R407c
Refrigerant R410a
Refrigerant R507 R507

Handheld Helium Leak Detector

The Panther and Panther Pro are both a low cost handheld helium leak detector for all your helium sniffing applications needs. The helium sensor in the Panther is a thermal conductivity sensor that allows detection of many gases including helium, hydrogen and a wide range of refrigerants.  Sensitivity depends on the gas but is 100 roughly times or more than the sensitivity of bubble emission testing. Lithium-ion battery is up to 20 hours

The LCD display on the Panther handheld helium leak detector provide a reliable leak detection readings of the selected gas. Leak location is indicated by the display, vibration on the handpick and audible sounds.

Two models of the Panther are available- Panther and Panther Pro. The Panther Pro provides data logging capability for 10 days continuous. Data can be downloaded into Excel, CSV File or PNG image.

The Panther and Panther PRO automatically zeros to the ambient air around it when activated and is ready to detect immediately. The instrument’s easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive keypad allows for simple function, selection and adjustment.

Leak rate sensitivity for helium is 5 x 10-6 atm scc/sec.

The Panther Helium Leak Detector replaces the previous GasCheck Helium Leak Detector Series.