About Schoonover

Since 1963, Schoonover has worked with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Industrial Companies and Research and Development facilities to provide technical equipment advise and support. We take pride in the person who answers the phone is qualified to suggest the best equipment or service solution to meet the needs of that customer. We want our website to be an extension our personal customer commitment, providing information to efficiently choose the proper solution. Technical is the key word at Schoonover!

Areas of expertise:

  • High Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV)
  • High Temperature Furnaces
  • Cryogenic Cooling
  • Fine Filtration in Chemical Processes
  • Helium Leak Detection/Hydrogen Leak Detection

Customer Support Chat Now Online

Ever need an answer right now?  Tired of calling or emailing?

Schoonover is now pleased to offer website support via the chat feature in the bottom right corner of every website page. Our representative there can answer product support and technical questions online.  To initiate, just click the folder at the right bottom corner and get started. If it is important to you, we need to know fast so you get your answer now not later. Give us a try!

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