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Edge Welded Bellows
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Vacuum Coating
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Polycold Service
Pump Rebuilding
Diffusion Pump Heaters
High Temp Furnaces
Strand Annealing
Horizontal Plate
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High Vacuum Pump System 

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Since 1963, Schoonover has carried the highest quality of technical equipment. Engineers work closely with customers to help specify equipment that meets customer needs and expectations. Quality products with expert advice has always been our formula for success.

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Oerlikon Leybold 2014 Red Tag Sale of New and Refurbished Vacuum Pumps  2014 Red Tag Sale


Schoonover is pleased to offer equipment for the following industries: vacuum coating, vacuum metalizing, leak detector, helium leak detector, high vacuum, high temperature furnace, hydrogen furnace, refrigerant leak detection, Product types include Polycold, Polycolds, vacuum coaters, leak detector, leybold, ferrotec, mass flow meter, mass flow controller, flowmeter, gas flowmeter, vacuum pumping, vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum gauging, ferrofluidic, RGA, Polycold gas, gas for polycolds, meisner coil, used polycolds, helium leak detectors, polycolds, vacuum mass flow controller, ultra-high vacuum, hydrogen sniffing, edge welded bellows, automotive leak detection, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum feedthroughs, vacuum chambers, foreline traps, electrical feedthrough, vacuum feedthrough, diffusion pump heaters, flow meter, and flow meters.


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