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Buddy Do You Have a Spare?

Apex Mass Flow Controller TFT Screen Option

Spare Equipment – good or bad word??


Is a SPARE a good or bad thing to have around??

Answer to this simple question is could be either.

If you have a piece of equipment down, it is good but if you have capital tied up in lots of spare equipment, it is bad.We are going to look at how your spares situation can be optimized in the next series of blog posts starting with mass flow controllers.

At Apex Vacuum our mass flow meter or controller can provide a low cost spare for all your mass flow controllers (or meters) with one spare unit. 

So if you have a competitor unit or an Apex MFC/MFM, one Apex can provide  a spare for many units. Simply choose the gas on the gas library and you're done. With our high accuracy calibrations, it is possible to cover extended flow ranges with this spare. For example, our 500 sccm units can measure down to 2.5 sccm and with a high accuracy version, the inaccuracy can be managed.

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