Power 10-12KV

High Voltage Electrical Vacuum Feedthrough 10KV-12KV

High Voltage Power Feedthroughs– 10KV-12KV

1- 4 Pins Designs

High Voltage Specifications
Voltage: 10,000 to 12,000 Volts DC
Feedthrough: -100 to 450ºC
Baseplate Feedthrough -20 to 150ºC
1,2,& 4 pins

Electrical feedthroughs used for the transmission of high voltages and/or high current into vacuum systems. Powerfeedthrough options provide voltages from 10,000V-12,000V with amperages to 50 amps per pin to 180 amps per pin. High purity alumina ceramic insulators provide electrical isolation and various conductor materials offer specific current capacities.

Operating Conditions
The electrical and thermal ratings specified are safe operating limits determined by various factors including material properties, mechanical design, and the intended operating environment. All electrical ratings are based on operation with one side in dry atmosphere and the other side in vacuum of 1 x 10-4 Torr maximum pressure. Temperature ratings for various mounting options may reduce the operating range of an assembly. All assemblies have a maximum thermal gradient of 25ºC per minute and may be damaged if this limit is exceeded.

Weldable Flange 10,000V Feedthrough Single Conductor

ConFlat Flange 10,000V Feedthrough Single Conductor

Quick Flange 10,000V Feedthrough Single Conductor

Baseplate Flange 10,000V Feedthrough Single Conductor