Polycold Refrigerant Update

Phase Out of R22 and Older Polycolds

Why You Should Be Concerned

The refrigerant commonly used in air conditioning systems until 2010, R22 Refrigerant Gas, is being phased out of production and imports in the USA starting January 1, 2020. For Polycolds manufactured before 2008, new refrigerant will become unavailable as that refrigerant contains some R22. Models of Polycolds affected end in 00 such as PFC 1100HC, PFC 550HC and PFC 670HC.

Blog Post Article on R22 Phase Out

These Polycolds will need to be rebuilt to take the new refrigerants or replaced with new units. Rebuild costs are approximately 30% the cost of a new unit. Once rebuilt, Polycolds should have a similar maintenance life as a new unit.

Should You Wait Until 2020 to Rebuild for New Refrigerants

Since the rebuild expected lifetime of a rebuilt Polycold is 8-10 years, units rebuilt in 2018 with the old refrigerant will be obsolete if they need new refrigerant after the phase out. Thus we recommend rebuilding units now to take the non-HFC blends. Contact us for questions, quotes and info at the link below.

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