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Apex Build it – Build an Apex Flow System

Apex Builds Mass Flow Controller or Mass Flow Meter System including:

  • Configure a mass flow meter or mass flow controller for your application
  • Learn about options to power your device
  • Pick the communications options that meet your needs
  • Discover Options for your controller/meter

Build It…… Configure It

The TechConstructor Tool is an intuitive program to allow you to step by step design your Apex Build System from beginning to the accessories needed for your application. Once complete, we can email you or enter our online chat feature to get feedback right away!


Apex systems are powered by 7-30VDC Power Supply or our PVPS24U wall mount that use universal adaptor for worldwide use. Expensive display or power supple boxes are not needed.


There are 5 options to communicate with your Apex: 0-5V Analog Signal,  0-10V Analog Signal, 4-20 MilliAmp Signal, RS-232 (Standard on all Apex devices), and Device Keypad (Standard)

Multiple Apex Units

Multiple Apex Devices can be linked together with the BB9 Communications Box. This box uses addressable RS-232 to communicate with all Apex units connected. The BB9 connects directly to a computer via USB port.

Options Available

TFT Screen Removable Display / Industrial Connectors/ 15 Pin, D-Sub Connectors / Weldable VCR Gas Inlet

Vacuum Mass Flow Controller
Options Available

Totalizer / Flow total Gas Blends / Up to 4 Low & High Alarms Secondary Output / High Accuracy Calibration


Single ended 8 pin DIN to blank wires 6 ft (DC-61) and 25 ft. (DC-251). For connection with our BB9, double ended DC-62 andDC-252. An MD8DB9 -USB connects the BB9 to a computer.


FlowVisionSC software allows set point control, select gases, and collects and graphs data. LabView Drivers are available for download. Gas mixing software is also available.

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