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Cryostats and Cryocoolers

Sample in Vapor Cryocooler (Cryostat)

Top Loading Laboratory Cryocoolers for sample in vapor cooling. Cryogen free designs standard to 10K with capability down to 4K and options to heat up to 600K.

Our laboratory cryocoolers have design features that allow choices to provide the most cooling power, lowest temperature capability and fully customizeable design of the vacuum shrouds, shields and sample mounting.

  • Isothermal Static helium gas sample area
  • Ability to rapidly conduct sample changes
  • Sample area up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Best for non-conductive or irregularly shaped samples
  • Modular design that allows for choice of cryocooler, interchangable vacuum tails, flexible orientation
  • Vibration dampening interface available
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment with test data provided

Choose Your Cryocooler – Temperature Range – Cooling Power – Compressor Selection

Optical Spectroscopy Sample in Vapor


Sample Storage- Short Sample Tube


Compact Top Loader


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