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Custom Cryocooler (Cryostat)

Custom Cryocoolers for when the standard design does not fit. We understand sample cooling is not abot a one size fits all mentality. Sometimes part geometry or location geometry must be evaluated.

Our laboratory cryocoolers have design features that allow choices to provide the most cooling power, lowest temperature capability and fully customizeable design of the vacuum shrouds, shields and sample mounting. Factors that make custom design a reality:

  • Large cold work surfaces- full grids of tapped holes and custom hole patterns for customer interface
  • Aluminum and stainless steel vacuum chamber designs-
  • Accomodate a vacuum window or viewport of a variety of materials
  • Custom Vacuum Flanges and/or things such as special seals such as indium
  •  Adding hermetic electrical connectors and feedthrus or Cryogenic wiring
  • Custom vibration dampening interface
  • Integration of safet devices such as regulators, burst discs or pressure relief valve
  • Special motors or switches

Choose Your Cryocooler – Temperature Range – Cooling Power – Compressor Selection

UHV Large Chamber to 4K


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