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Electrical feedthroughs for high vacuum and gloveboxes. Hermetic sealing (ceramic to metal seal) for high vaccum and Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) applications.

Sub Min D Vacuum Feedthroughs

Sub-Min C
Coaxial Feedthroughs
Power Feedthroughs

electrical feedthru

Thermocouple Feedthroughs
Power Pairs
Sub-Min D
Vacuum Breaks

vacuum feedthroughs

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Multi-Pin Power Feedthroughs 300-700 VDC, 5-23 Amps

Multi-pin electrical feedthroughs describes feedthroughs that have more than one conductor path and has connectors on one or both sides. Multi-pin vacuum feedthroughs are good for use in instrumentation applications.

Sub-Min C

Sub Min C Vacuum Feedthrough

Sub Min D

Sub Min D Vacuum Feedthrough


Multi-Pin Vacuum Feedthrough

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High Voltage Power- High Voltage& High Current 500-40,000 Volts DC

High Voltage Power Feedthroughs are used for the transmission of high voltage power and/or high voltage current into vacuum or glovebox systems.

Up to 1000V

Vacuum feedthrough power 1000V


Power Vacuum Feedthrough 3000V


5000V Vacuum Feedthrough


Power Vacuum Feedthrough

Coaxial – BNC, Micro-Dot, MHV, SHV, Triaxial Vacuum Feedthrough

Coaxial are vacuum feedthroughs or electrical feedthroughs with parallel and concentric conductor paths with the inner most conductor isolated electrically from the vacuum flange. Grounded Shield versions have one isolated paths and Floating Shield has two.


MHV Vacuum Feedthrough Baseplate Feedthrough


SHV Vacuum Feedthrough QF Flange


MHV Vacuum Feedthrough Baseplate Feedthrough


Micodot Vacuum Feedthrough

Thermocouple – Types K, N, E, J, T, C, R, S Electrical Feedthrough

Thermocouple electrical feedthroughs are used for temperature measurement systems. They do not measure temperature but conduct the thermocouple’s voltage signal from inside the vacuum to an external instrumentation device.


Vacuum Thermocouple Feedthrough CF Flange


Thermocouple Vacuum Feedthrough CF Flange

MS Connector

Vacuum Thermocouple Feedthrough MS Connector CF Flange

Push On

Vacuum Feedthrough Push On Connectors NW Flange

Breaks& Envelopes – Cryogenic Breaks, Vacuum Breaks, Water Breaks

Breaks are tubular isolators which are metal adapters brazed on each end of a ceramic isolator.  These breaks and envelopes are used for voltage insulation. Cryogenic breaks are usually required in cryogenic fluid. Coolant fluid lines sometimes require an electric break.


Vacuum Ceramic Break CF Flange


Vacuum Envelope with a weld flange to 20kV


Vacuum Cryogenic Break to 20,000V weldable


Liquid or water breaks to 5kV weld flange

RF Power – 8 KVA 10 KW Electrical Feedthrough

RF Power electrical feedthroughs are designed for the transmission of Radio Frequency power into the vacuum system.

RF Power

Vacuum RF Feedthrough with NW Flange


For all types of viewports including fused silica, sapphire, coated viewports, extended range and laser viewports, visit our dedicated viewport page at the link below.

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